“On the advice of a friend, I came to Rob at EERLIJK, an lovely nice coffee bar where you can book a coaching session without any obligations, but also very nice that you can make an appointment the same day or week and start immediately. I got to known Rob as very valuable coach, he helped me to get a better understanding of what I think is important in life and therefore in a job, I will definitely go back to Eerlijk if I get lost again 🙂 ”
– Mariken –

“Via via I came in contact with Rob. The easy accessibility of EERLIJK appealed to me. I actually felt for years that I could solve it myself and did not need a coach. When I came to a point that I got stuck and didn’t know how to proceed, I finally contacted Eerlijk…. and then a first meeting is easily arranged. You do not immediately commit to a mega-track. Rob gave me quick and good insight into what I value in work and in myself. The sessions where valuable, challenging but respectfull. I have found a new job that suits me better and makes me feel happier too! ”
– Sanne –

“The low-level and friendly concept of Eerlijk appealed to me.” During the coaching sessions, Rob has the perfect combination of good listening, asking exactly the right questions, and carrying out concrete exercises for solid progress. “I feel very comfortable at Eerlijk and like to come to Rob because every session is competently prepared, the talks relief me, inspire and bring me a lot closer to myself. ”
– Julia –

“The coaching at EERLIJK gives me inspiration and insight into my way of thinking and acting.” The coaching concept appeals to me in combination with drinking coffee, it gives me options and control. I will back for a next session soon and I can recommend this to everyone. ”
– Roy –

More recommendations at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eerlijkcoffeecuisinecoaching/