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Do you need something for your Christmas dinner / lunch / breakfast that you cannot reach due to the lockdown or that you are standing in front of an empty compartment?

Let us know by calling, email or add this product to your shopping cart and we will contact you!

We may be able to get it through our suppliers (including WildvanWild, Rumbaba, Frank’s Smokehouse, BidFood).
You can pick it up at our home in Weesp or in Amsterdam at the coffee bar or we will drop by.

We also have (always) a small gift shop with designer gifts from TheGiftLabel (candles, hand lotion, etc.), Aniek Schiepers (brooches), SalutStefanie. So you can also pass on things that are not in our webshop and we will arrange that! Don’t hesitate to ask.

Merry Christmas


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