How to Succeed on Purpose – TW Hawk (signed copy)


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Whether seeking insight or solution, encouragement or affirmation, guidance or answer, How To Succeed On Purpose is a tool to uncover your “Ultimate You” through your own inner wisdom.

Power your transformation through inspirational, bite-sized principals that lead you to your most meaningful life and to your most fulfilling work. This gentle guidebook inspires your greatest self through living principals you can easily synthesize as your own. Concise chapters offer unconventional insights that take just a few moments to read, but can change your life forever.

Read it any way you like! Scan a principal a day. Or three a week. Or once in a while. Flip from back to front, or jump to the middle. Hold a thought. Flip to a page. Read a passage that speaks to you. Or simply peruse the quick quotes of “Truth Serum.” No matter how you approach this book, it will work its magic on you: transforming your life, shifting your perspective, giving you something to think about, to heart about, to smile about.

YOU WILL LEARN how to… be in the moment, face uncertainty, confront fear, resolve conflict, communicate effectively, tune into your heart, heed your Inner Voice, harmonize body-mind-spirt, act from certainty instead of desperation, confront challenge, define success, and align with purpose.

YOU WILL DISCOVER… why Integrity is a Mutuality, why we should Treat Everyone Like Children, why Ample is the Better Example, how all Houseguests Are Like Moments, why Matter is Immaterial, why you shouldn’t hang Styrofoam Wind Chimes, how to cure the Human Condition, why to say I Can’t…Yet, how to cultivate your Spiritual Legacy, and much more.

Through a levity of language and the poetry of laughter, this book fits our modern way of living, designed to accommodate hyper-connected, fast-paced lives. The reading unfolds effortlessly so that your life journey can follow suit.

TW Hawk draws on a 25-year career of creative and business entrepreneurship as a writer, filmmaker and producer in Hollywood. He’s guided tech start-ups, taught at Stanford and mentored future leaders while traveling the world in a life-long pursuit of spirited success.


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