4 Weeks of fresh bread – 1 day a week


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Fresh artisan bread at home on the days that suit you best! 

** 4 Weeks of fresh bread, 1 day a week **

  1. Choose the type of bread.
  2. Choose how many croissants (per week) you would like to add.
  3. Choose the quantity (= the number of breads per day). !!This will also change the number of croissants!
  4. Add to cart.
  5. Do you want different types of bread?
    1. Add it as a new subscription to your shopping cart and repeat the above steps.
  6. Do you want to add other products to the subscription?
    1. eg: 1 baguette every week? Add 4 baguettes to the shopping cart and indicate on which day you want them delivered in comments.
    2. eg: 1 bag of coffee beans and 2 dry sausages every week? Add 4 bags of coffee beans and 8 dry sausages and indicate on which day of the week you want it delivered in comments.
    3. This is possible for all products in the webshop.
    4. You will see the ‘comments field’ when entering your contact details, during ‘check-out’.

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Soort brood

Haverbrood, Meergranenbrood




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