Food and Drinks…

Eerlijk stands for sustainability. We have organic products and support suppliers who can’t afford the expensive organic certification process. We believe that is the way to help grow the sustainability movement across the globe. We focus on why and how products are produced in stead of just on a label. Sustainabilty and local origin have our preference above ‘just’ organic. All our products are free of flavour enhancers.

Our menu consist of a variety of delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch options. Pancakes, sandwiches, salads and even a falafel burger. Most dishes are also available as vegan or glutenfree option.

Our signature artisan bread is handmade from the best ingredients (no additives) by ‘Bakery Institute’.  For a little extra we also serve a delicious local produced glutenfree bread.

Our coffee and tea come from Rumbaba, a local coffeeroaster from Amsterdam-East. High quality tea and delicious speciaity coffee roasted with love by Jeroen Keizer and his team whom continously seek the best origin and flavour.

You will find a large pan of fresh soup on our stove daily. In addition we also serve delicious soup of De Verspillingsfabriek, and help them reduce food waste (yearly in the Netherlands we waste 5 biliion euro of food).

Our chicken has ‘nature and respect’ label which in short stands for; longer life, good nutrion, more living space, no antibiotics. Our free range eggs are farm fresh and come from  Eibaar in Den Bommel. You can view their happy chickens via this webcam.