Rob Vernooij
“I had everything I ever wanted. I had everything I was 
 supposed to have. 
 Everyone around me said: ‘you are successful.’ 
 Yes I had lots of stuff, but really I was miserable.” 
 _Ryan Nicodemus

I see a lot of people, smart people, creative people, all kind of different personalities run into personal obstacles at a certain point in life. This can lead to less satisfaction, frustration, loss of connection, stress and even burnout (1 of 7 Dutchmen – Source: CBS).

Somewhere along the way they have often made unconscious decisions which were not in line with their motives, with their core values, their dream. Since we are continuously being influenced by (social) media, teachers, family, friends, and others, it can be quite a challenge to follow your own hearth.

I believe that coaching can help you make decisions which are in line with your own goals, motives and values. It can lead to a kind of mental freedom which liberates you from (mostly unconscious) limiting beliefs and expectations of others. Accompanying people along this path and helping them use their emotions as a guide to what they find important and how to use that to make impact is why I love working as a coach. Life can at moments still be a struggle but it will have more meaning and inner peace.

Jean-Paul Sartre wrote: ‘Life has no meaning a priori… It’s up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose’.

This means that life has a lot of potential and possibility to add meaning and fulfilment to it. It is all about seeing, identifying, choosing and add giving it meaning.

Rob founded Eerlijk – Coffee.Cuisine.Coaching to make coaching easy accessible for everyone. He is a certified professional coach, career coach and also works with energetic coach-techniques . He co-designed an ‘employability centre’ with multiple coaching programs and workshops for a large international consultancy firm. In 2016 Rob decided to combine over 15 years of business management experience, his passion for good honest food & coffee and his coaching mission. That year he founded Eerlijk.