Workshops & Talks

We offer tailored workshop and talks via partners, like 7days2go and Casa.

Are you interested in a meaningful custom made workshop, training or talk for your organisation? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


For more than 17 years I have been able to observe large organizations from various perspectives and roles. In roughly the first half of that I was allowed to participate in many inspiring trainings, in the second half I organized, developed and facilitated these myself as a trainer / coach.

My workshops and trainings are characterized by meaning, true attention, creating awareness and action.

No lectures or powerpoints! Together we will discover what is needed, we deepen the subject, practice and apply. You practice in a safe environment so you can quickly start to make impact, in your authentic way.

Personal leadership
Handling conflicts
From dream to reality
Communicate effectively
From hindrance to movement
Dealing with emotion
Achieve your goals without lists
The way to a meaningful life
Networks and personal branding